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Culinary Herbs & Spices

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5 Spice Powder
$ 4.00
五香粉 5 spice powder is normally used to season fatty meats or used in batters for frying. The taste is aromatic with a complex taste and aroma with star anise powder being the dominant flavor. Recipes that calls for this powder include Chinese roasted duck, Chinese barbecue pork, and Vietnamese...
$ 7.50
九層塔    Peak season for basil is from April to November. This culinary herb has a distinct aroma and is usually added last to a dishÊfor flavor enhancement. It is widely used in many Asian cuisines such as the Vietnamese noodle soups. Season: April - November Cooking Method: Added last...
Chinese Star Anise
$ 5.00
金狮八角 Chinese Star Anise has a unique aroma and is a key ingredient in many Asian recipes such as tea eggs, roast meats, five spice powder, and herbal tea. The flavor is strong and aromatic with licorice and aniseed flavors.    Place of Origin : China
Citrus (Tangerine Orange) Peel Powder
$ 5.00
陳皮粉   Citrus peel powder, also known as tangerine peel powder or orange peel powder, is commonly used for baked goods or desserts. It's whole form is used for medicinal purposes and soups. The taste has a deep aroma and dry citrus unsweetened taste. Recipes using citrus peel powder includes...
Cortex Cinnamomi Powder
$ 5.75
牡丹玉桂粉 Dried Cortex Cinnamomi Powder is made from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum verum plant. This cinnamon powder is different from the typical cinnamon powder found in grocery stores. It has a more complex flavor and asian herbal aroma. Cortex Cinnamomi is also considered as a medicinal herb. It is mainly...
Fennel Powder
$ 7.00
Fennel Seeds
$ 8.00
小茴香   Place of Origin : China
Fresh Cilantro
$ 35.00
芫茜   Cilantro is used to enhance the flavor and aroma in food. Simply chop into small pieces and toss into any dishes whether it is soup, stir fries, or pasta.
Fresh Curry Leaves
$ 16.00
新鮮咖哩葉   Fresh curry leaves has a lovely spice aroma with an earthy freshness. Each fig has about 20 - 22 leaves. It can be used to make chutney, sauce, stir fry dishes, or flavor broths and soups. This item needs to be pre-ordered with 24 hour notice.
Indian Curry Powder - Javin
$ 7.00
印度咖哩粉   Javin Curry Powder is a versatile flavoring. It may be used in cooked or uncooked preparations. It changes ordinary foods into superlative dishes. It is blended with care and skills. Not too hot - not too mild; but properly balanced for richness and fragrance. The curry powder is...
Sichuan Pepper Powder
$ 5.00
花椒粉 Sichuan pepper powder, also known as Asian prickly ash powder,  has a complex deep aroma with a nutty flavor and mild burn at small quantities. This spice is best used for seasoning food to be cooked or used to make marinades.    Place of Origin : China 
Sichuan Peppercorn
$ 14.00
金狮四川花椒 Dried Sichuan Peppercorn is also known as Chinese coriander. It has a unique aroma and a slight lemony taste. When bitten upon, it creates a tingling and numbing sensation. This spice is prepared by toasting the seeds and crushing them into smaller pieces. It is generally added last to...
Sichuan Peppercorn Class A
$ 16.00
川霸王特級花椒  Sichuan peppercorn (or Chinese coriander) is a spice commonly used in Chinese cooking and traditional Chinese medicine. There are two categories of spice; one that focuses on hotness level and one that focuses on numbness level. Sichuan peppercorn are not hot. It has a tangy sour flavor and numbs...
White Ginger Powder
$ 4.00
純白沙薑粉 White ginger powder has a stronger aroma than natural tone ginger powder. The color is also whiter and brings more of a flavor to the food. Dried ginger powder can be used for marinades, beverages, soups, toppings, and gravies. Examples of ginger uses include tandoori marinades, ginger and honey...
White Pepper Powder
$ 14.00
白胡椒粉   Ground pepper and black pepper are both from the same fruits of the pepper plant. When almost ripe, the peppercorn are sun-dried and becomes black peppercorn. White peppercorn is made from removing the outer layer skin of the black peppercorn. Thus, making the spice hotness level even stronger....
Young Green Pepper Corn in Brine - Twin Rabbits
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泰式青胡椒粒    Twin Rabbits Green peppercorn in Brine 1 lb (16 oz or 454 g) Ingredients : Young Pepper Corn, Water, Salt, Citric Acid, Sodium Benozate and Sodium Metabisulfite as Preservatives. Contains Sulfite.  Place of Origin : Thailand 
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