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2 - Ply White Roll Towels - Prime Source
$ 5.50
抹手白色紙巾75004327 Prime Source 2-Ply White Roll Towels 30 rolls comes in 84 sheets per roll by 11 inches x 9 inches. There are 30 rolls in 1 case.    Place of Origin : USA
C Fold Towel 1 Ply CB530 - Tork
$ 4.00
CB530白色抹手紙 These towels are folded in a C shape and has miniature oval designs textured throughout the napkin allowing it to absorb more water than regular napkins or tissue paper. The towel is rough in feel and light to hold. It is designed for drying hands after using the faucet.  ...
Dinner Napkin White 1/8 Fold 2 Ply  NP528PA - Tork
$ 6.00
NP528PA餐巾紙 This napkin is all white with design patterns outlining the shape. The texture is smooth with a bit of roughness.    Tork Napkins are 8.5" x 3.75" at presentation. When the napkin is fully opened up, the dimensions are 17" x 14.5" and has been folded 3 times. It...
Dinner Napkin White 2 Ply #DN268
$ 4.00
唐食纸巾白色餐巾紙 This is dinner napkin is 2 ply and comes in white. One case has 3000 napkins organized into 20 packs.When fully opened up and layed flat, the dimensions are 16.5" L x 15" W. The napkins has been folded down once and twice from left to right. At presentation, the...
Disposable Kitchen Paper Chef Hat
$ 8.00
廚房紙帽   White kitchen hat are used to promote hygiene in the working kitchen.This environment friendly paper hat can help reduce commercial needs for expensive laundry service and can be recycled for other uses.
Fluted Paper Baking Cup - Reynolds
$ 43.50
紙杯 Fluted paper baking cup are thin paper sheets with pleated patterns. These baking cups are commonly used for baking pastries such as cupcakes and egg custards. The baking cups comes in packs of 500 count.    3 Inch (32 mm x 21 mm) Dimension : 1.75" Diameter x .8" Height 500...
Low Fold Dispenser Napkin #632 Pack of 250 Count
$ 5.00
綠色箱外賣紙巾 This napkin is a 1 ply dispenser napkin and comes in white color. It is designed for takeouts. Each pack is has 250 sheets. One case has 18 packs (4,500 napkins)   Package Dimension : 3.5" W x 5" L x 6 " D Case Dimension : 21 "...
Natural Hardwood Roll Towels - Prime Source
$ 3.00
抹手紙   7500257 Natural hardwood roll towels comes in 7.875 inch width and 350 feet per roll. There are 12 rolls per case.   Place of Origin : USA
Parchment Paper Pan Liners -16
$ 5.00
大盤底紙   Parchment Paper Pan Liners are thin sheets of paper that is silicone coated and comes in dimensions of 16.375" x 24.375". There are 1000 sheets in the case. It can be used to bake anything.  This item is a one time use. It is not recommended to re-use the...
Toilet Paper Roll - 12 Rolls
$ 25.00
白色大卷廁紙   These toilet paper has a white color and soft texture. Each roll of toilet paper is about 8.5" in diameter and 3.5" wide. The center cardboard piece is approximately 3.375" in diameter. These toilet paper are ideally used in restrooms of business establishments.  Case Dimension  : 26"L x...
Wet Towel
$ 7.00
湿纸巾  This wet towel serves as a convenient way for guests to clean their hands before or after meals. The towels are soft and comes unscented. Each package has 45 packets of wet towels. Our wet towels are not brand specific and the image is a reference to what the towel...
White 1 Ply Paper Towel HRT-350W - CM
$ 25.00
白色抹手紙HRT350W These paper towels are approximately 7" in height and comes in sets of 12 rolls. The sheets are water absorbent and commonly used to dry hands.  Case Dimension : 21" L x 16" W x 8.25" H Place of Origin : China
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