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Dried Agrocybe Tea Tree Mushroom -

Dried Agrocybe Tea Tree Mushroom

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Agrocybe mushroom is also known as chestnut mushrooms and tea tree mushrooms. The fresh mushrooms are very tasty and are used in many culinary dishes across cultures.  

Health Benefits :  Agrocybe Mushroom has a lot of nutrients and is particularly high in copper and pantothenic acid. In traditions, the mushroom is valued for improving the wellbeing of the spleen and kidney. In addition, it is also anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibiotic, anti-cancer, and anti-tumour. It can strengthen the immune system, reduce infection, and slow down osteoporosis due to aging. 

Culinary Uses : Commonly used in a variety of dishes include stir fry, soup, and hot pot. The mushrooms are first boiled to soften the tuff stems before other cooking preparation methods. It's delicious for braised dishes. 

Place of Origin : China

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