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Dried Angelica Sinensis Root - Bao -

Dried Angelica Sinensis Root - Bao


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Dried Angelica Sinensis Gingseng's pronounce in Chinese is "Dang Quai". It is a root from the Angelica Sinensis plant.   

Health Benefits : Angelica Sinensis is known as the "women's gingseng." From traditions, this root was used to slow blood clotting and to relieve menstrual cramps, anemia, and pain. It contains a compound called butylidenephthalide that can relax the uterus muscles. Precaution : Therefore, pregnant women should not consume this product as it can cause miscarriage due to the effects on the uterus muscles. 

Culinary Uses : This root is most commonly used to make a tonic soup through steaming. The ingredients are mixed and put into a ceramic pot for soups. The pot is then steamed in boiling water for long hours. This method maximizes the extraction of substances from the herbs into creating a soup full of flavors and health benefits. 

Ingredients : Angelica Sinensis, Sulfur Dioxide

Place of Origin : China

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