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Iron Goddess Tea Leaves -

Iron Goddess Tea Leaves

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海堤牌鐵觀音茶AT202 It is a precious specie of Oolong tea of South Fujian. Being bloom dark brown in color and tight and heavy in appearance, it has clear and high fragrance and thick, mellow and refreshing taste, enjoying great fondness by consumers. 


Legend : Long ago in Fujian county (southeast coast of china) there was a temple dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy "Guan Yin." The temple housed an iron statue and was not properly maintained. Overtime, the temple's condition worsened, and caught the attention of a poor farmer. Humbly, the farmer started to clean the temple every month.

Many years later, Guan Yin appeared in the farmer's dream one night and instructed him to share a treasure hidden behind the temple. There, the farmer found a young tea leaf and then nurtured it in his farm. He built a successful business selling the tea produced from that leaf and named the tea "Iron Goddess of Mercy."

Place of Origin : China

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