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Dry Quality Red Jujube Large -

Dry Quality Red Jujube Large


$ 13.00

河北大紅棗  河北大枣


Red jujubes are also known as red dates, Chinese dates, Korean dates, or Indian dates. They have been cultivated in China for more than 4,000 years and have over 400 varieties. They are red in color inside and outside with a thin crispy skin cover.The flavor is characterized by a sweet tart-like taste. The texture of dry jujubes resembles raisins.

Each jujube in the Dry Red Jujube is approximately 0.75" in length. 10 oz of dried jujube has about 65 count. 

Large jujubes are approximately 1.25 - 1.5 inch in length. 

Health Benefits : Jujubes contain a large range of nutrients (amino acids, protein, minerals, etc) and is most known for the high levels of Vitamin C. It has been used actively in history to combat high blood pressure, liver disease, anemia, leukemia, and tumors. Other benefits include promoting youth and eliminating fatigue. It enhances the red blood cells circulation and energizes the body. 

Culinary Uses : Jujubes are normally eaten fresh or dried for culinary uses. Dry jujubes are often used for gourmet soups. Do be aware that jujubes has a high fiber content and is not recommended to be eaten in volume. 

Place of Origin : China

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