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Pure Water Chestnut Flour - Pantang -

Pure Water Chestnut Flour - Pantang


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Pantang Water Chestnut Flour is the secret Chinese ingredient for the famous Water Chestnut Cake or Jelly, Osmanthus Jelly Cake, Sesame Roll, or Red Bean Pudding also known as Put Chai Ko. This product has the perfect texture combination of regular cakes and jello perfect for making cool or room temperature desserts. 

This product is made from Guangzhou Pantang specialty - non-polluted water chestnut by modern technology. It can be used to make not only sweet or salted flour cake but also dessert, dish and soup etc.  

This flour is used to create a firm jelly like texture in making desserts. The finished dessert has a smooth and solid structure while also has a slightly sticky characteristic. Recipes using water chestnut flour include sesame rolls and osmanthus jelly. 

Ingredient : Water Chestnut Flour

Place of Origin : China

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