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Red Mandarin Peel -

Red Mandarin Peel

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Quality of citrus peels is identified based on the aroma, color, and cuts. The best quality citrus peels is very aromatic with darker colors and thin cuts. Aroma and cuts are based on the fruits themselves. Certain regions of Asia such as Xinhui in China produces the best fruits for citrus peels. Citrus peels are similar to wine in which quality increases with the aging process.  

Health Benefits : Citrus peel has been a medicinal herb in the Chinese culture for over thousands of years. The herb is most effective in improving the digestive and respiratory system. It is a superior home remedy to treat digestion problems and to reduce mucus. 

Culinary Uses : Citrus peel has many versatile uses including soups, marinades, tonics, stir fry, and other flavor enhancer mixture. It has been made into a dry snack as well. 

Place of Origin : China

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